Sl no: Venue Year Month Retreats Period
1 CST 2018 January General 10th (Wednesday)   to   14th (Sunday)
2 CST 2018 February General 7th (Wednesday)   to   11th (Sunday)
3 CST 2018 March General 7th (Wednesday)   to   11th (Sunday)
4 CST 2018 April General 11th (Wednesday)   to   15th (Sunday)
5 CST 2018 April Youth 26th (Thursday)   to   29th (Sunday)
6 CST 2018 June General 6th (Wednesday)   to   10th (Sunday)
7 CST 2018 June Professional Youth 21st (Thursday)   to   24th (Sunday)
8 CST 2018 July General 11th(Wednesday)   to   15th (Sunday)
9 CST 2018 July English 25th (Wednesday)   to   29th (Sunday)
10 CST 2018 August General 8th (Wednesday)   to   12th (Sunday)
11 CST 2018 September General 5th (Wednesday)   to   9th (Sunday)
12 CST 2018 September Couple 19th (Wednesday)   to   23th (Sunday)
13 CST 2018 October General 10th (Wednesday)   to   14th (Sunday)
14 CST 2018 November General 7th (Wednesday)   to   11th (Sunday)
15 CST 2018 November Growth 21st (Thursday)   to   25th (Sunday)
16 CST 2018 December General 5th (Wednesday)   to   9th (Sunday)
17 CST 2018 December Youth 21st (Friday)   to   24th (Monday)

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11:00 am to 4:00 pm Phone: 0484 2391930

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NB: For Retreat Booking confirmation please remit a refundable deposit of rs. 500 at office . Rooms / Dormitory will be allocated as per the availability, Youth retreat starts by 8 am and ends by 6 pm . Other retreats starts by 5 pm and ends by 6 pm in the respective days.